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Animal Painting

I am a watercolor artist based on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Animals have always been in my life so they naturally made their way into my art. Their presence, either in person or on paper, always brings me joy and serenity. My goal is to convey these feelings through my creations.

Some of the reference pictures I use come from photos I took during my travels, some from friends or animals that have been rescued, and others from online sources. But they all have a story, fictional or real. That's the reason they all have a name. 

I love the feeling of watercolor, how the paint moves with the water, and how it has a life of its own. There's a flow to it that mesmerizes me. 



To fight against animal cruelty and protect wildlife, a portion of the sale of my original paintings is donated to non-profit organizations dear to my heart, local and international: Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation, Aloha Animal Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, Sea Shepherd, etc.

And a 15% discount on online store.

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