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Watercolor Art

In 2020 I fell in love with watercolor painting and since then I've been painting continuously. My favorite subjects are animals and flowers, but I'll do a landscape once in a while. Along with wall art painting I like to create bookmarks and greeting cards to sow art in all places and hearts. 
Check the gallery for more art. 


100% Cotton, Cold Pressed paper 140lb.

Two formats: 

  • 6X9 painting (8X10 Frame with mat)

  • 9X12 painting (11X14 Frame with mat)


Art prints are also available.

Greeting Cards

Original greeting cards hand-painted on watercolor paper.

Flat and folded printed cards are also available.



Original bookmarks hand painted on watercolor paper.

If you appreciate my art and want to support my work, please visit my Ko-Fi page.​

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