A Ride To Freedom

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Photo by Holden Baxter on Unsplash

My new ride is there. The shop just called me. I can stop by to get her. Is it real? I’ve been dreaming about that moment for a year and now it’s happening. What if I cannot drive her? So many questions are bombarding my head. I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh, jump around the apartment or curl up in the closet. The excitement laced with doubt is playing with my heart but I am ready.

I go into the bedroom to get my jacket. I grab my backpack and helmet, put on my heavy-duty boots and I am out. It’s funny how some days are bright even when clouds darken the sky. Are the birds chirping louder today? They probably know it’s a special day for me.

The shop is a little far but I can walk and plus, it will make this moment last a little longer. It’s a good day to greet people, be the light that cannot shine behind the gray blanket.

And then, there I am. I can see the front door. In a matter of seconds, I will enter the building and meet my beauty. I take a deep breath and push the door. I know this place too well. I’ve been hanging here quite a bit during my investigation. The sales representative, Eric, welcomes me with a big smile. Is he as excited as me? I don’t really hear what he is telling me. Luckily all the paperwork is done because I don’t think I can think clearly. He still takes me to his little office for the last signature, then we head to the back of the shop. “Ok, let’s meet that beast of yours.” He tells me.

My heart is racing so fast, so strong, I wonder if he can hear it. Smells of new tires, grease, oil, paint, the roaring of a four-cylinder, remind me where I am. It’s soothing to me, a sense of home. There she is with her beautiful yellow curves, her custom exhaust pipe. Her 600cc ready to take me everywhere. Welcome to my world, my dear Honda Hornet.

Eric shows me the basics and gives me the keys. I sit on her. She is mine. I adjust the mirror, put the key in the ignition. What if I fail at starting her? Or at leaving the shop? More ridiculous thoughts are visiting me like a last way to test my will. My helmet is on, I turn the key and rev up the engine. The sound is exhilarating. I kick the kickstand up and shift into first gear. As the front wheel reaches the road, I am free.

~Christelle Jorge

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