Tale of a journey: The beginning

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Along with my poems and essays, I thought about sharing the process that I am going through as a writer but mostly as a creative person. We know it’s all about the journey and my wish is to inspire people to follow their call in a non-scary and approachable way.

Last summer, as I was studying for my life coaching certification, an old love came back to my attention. As a trainee, we follow the coaching ourselves. In one of the exercises, there was this question: “What activities breathe fresh life into you?” Without any hesitation, my answer was writing, reading and meditating. I didn’t really give too many thought to my answer at that time. But a door was open and on September 15th, I was journaling “Writing has come back to the front of my life. I realized that I do a lot of things I like but nothing has my heart as much as writing. It is at the core of who I am.” In a desire to own my truth, I know I couldn’t ignore the call.

Rooted in this awareness, the work could begin. But often after the exaltation coming from receiving a heart message we feel overwhelmed by the extent of the task. It looks gigantic. It’s a moment when it’s easy to fall into discouragement and fear. Where to start? What to do? What do I like to write about? What is my style?

I always carry in my memories the French sailor Bernard Moitessier when he was circumnavigating the earth. He wrote in The Long Way “One thing at a time, as in the days when I was building Joshua. If I had wanted to build all the boat at once, the enormity of the task would have crushed me. I had to put all I had into the hull alone, without thinking about the rest. It would follow . . . with the help of the gods. Sailing non-stop around the world is the same. I do not think anyone has the means of pulling it off—at the start." It’s a beautiful illustration that I love to keep in mind. After all, it’s a journey so let’s focus on the one step ahead and appreciate each leg.

My coaching was offering me a frame to work with but something was missing. That’s when American photographer and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis entered my life. I first heard him as a guest in a podcast. It got me curious and I started to check his work and bought his book Creative Calling. The more I was listening to him talking about creativity the more I was falling in love with the teaching. I was feeling strong in my choices with a deeper sense of security. He was giving a voice to my inner creative being. I am confident to say I have found a mentor in him. I can see how being a writer is actually possible and inevitable. Now I feel the journey has begun and I am ready to share it, step by step.

~Christelle Jorge

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