The Imperfect Writer

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I fell in love with the art of writing at a young age. Notebooks and pens became my best friends in a world that was too loud. They were the kind of friend that listened to my joy, my fears, and my pains. But soon I would be caught in the net of perfectionism. Our love story slowly became a forbidden one.

Perfectionism gradually built a prison around my heart. The more I was trying to follow what I thought was the perfect recipe to write, the more I was getting disconnected from my creativity. As I was fighting with the words to make them fit a standard, I was losing an inner battle. Without the support of my teachers, I continued to feed the beast of perfectionism, stubbornly studying math and physics. Science was so straightforward, I just had to follow the formulas and theorems. It was working, I couldn't get it wrong. But little did I know, I was slowly navigating away from my true passion, leaving an emptiness at my core.

Thanks to technology, the twenty-first century brought blogging into my life. I was able to reconnect with my long lost love. But old beliefs and tenacious habits started to creep in. I doubted, I judged, I tried to be someone I was not. It felt like I was writing with someone else voice, someone else hand, someone else heart.

But here is the lesson, I can only be good enough if I let my inner being shine. So I've decided to use my coaching skills to be a better version of me, the one who loves to write and does write for the love of it. It is still very difficult but I made the promise to free my heart. It's okay to be vulnerable, it's okay to be me, maybe an imperfect version of a writer but definitely a perfect version of me.


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