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Thoughts About Vacations

Long time no news...

As I am booking my next trip to Europe, I realize that the last vacation was when I stopped my VLog updates, or any updates for that matter.

Although Molly and I had a great trip, it wasn't very productive for art or writing. I always overestimate what I will be able to do in terms of time or motivation.

So here are the things I’ve learned from my last year's trip:

  • It’s challenging to find some quiet time to create when visiting family (kind of impossible).

  • Trying to paint with a traveling kit of mediocre quality doesn’t work for me. I hate it.

  • Maybe it’s nice to take a break from painting and try something different, like sketching.

  • Taking a break also feels good to feel eager to paint again when back.

  • Sometimes, the inspiration is not there on vacation, and it’s more of a nourishing time.

I'm determined to do better this year! :)

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