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What's Up?

Because there have been no updates since last summer, I thought I would do a little recap of the last months.

I’ve been painting more animals. Surprise! I like them so much that I didn’t paint anything else. It’s nourishing my connection to them and my need to be surrounded by them. One of my Yoga students told me, “You have a little zoo going on there.” It sums up pretty well what my Yoga studio looks like. You can check the GALLERY to see the newest paintings.

What else?...

  • I started to paint bigger pieces, 12x16 inches, but still do 9x12 as it’s an easy size to deal with.

  • I started to sell my cards and now also prints at Paper Garden in Wailea. I love that shop and am super happy to be part of it.

  • Collections store in Makawao is now selling my handpainted bookmarks. Yay!

  • I updated my website to focus on Art and created a new blog for the novella I’m working on. Because of that novella, I wanted to add illustrations, so I started playing with some illustration ideas. It’s so difficult when you are used to realism. This will take a post of its own someday.

  • I started to play with charcoal too, a new medium heavily inspired by Molly. She is so good at it.

  • I don’t have the Etsy shop on yet as I’m still focusing on the website shop that I actually need to update.

I plan to be more active on this blog in the future. Let’s see if I keep my word! ;)

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2 comentários

All the paintings are so beautiful!!! Congratulations on selling some of your work at Paper Garden and Collections. I love giving your notecards to my guests - and they all love getting them!! I will continue to order from you regularly. Itʻs getting harder and hard to choose between so many great paintings! Bravo!


Lin Aschenbach
Lin Aschenbach
20 de mar. de 2023

I'm glad to see you are not narrowed down on your creative path that you diversify! I love the charcoal already, and you manage to have very realistic artistic skills protraying animals, my favorite subject matter too! I'm truly amazed the various types and sizes of the animals you choose, which clearly portray your skills! Hugs to you.

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