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What's Up?

Because there have been no updates since last summer, I thought I would do a little recap of the last months.

I’ve been painting more animals. Surprise! I like them so much that I didn’t paint anything else. It’s nourishing my connection to them and my need to be surrounded by them. One of my Yoga students told me, “You have a little zoo going on there.” It sums up pretty well what my Yoga studio looks like. You can check the GALLERY to see the newest paintings.

What else?...

  • I started to paint bigger pieces, 12x16 inches, but still do 9x12 as it’s an easy size to deal with.

  • I started to sell my cards and now also prints at Paper Garden in Wailea. I love that shop and am super happy to be part of it.

  • Collections store in Makawao is now selling my handpainted bookmarks. Yay!

  • I updated my website to focus on Art and created a new blog for the novella I’m working on. Because of that novella, I wanted to add illustrations, so I started playing with some illustration ideas. It’s so difficult when you are used to realism. This will take a post of its own someday.

  • I started to play with charcoal too, a new medium heavily inspired by Molly. She is so good at it.

  • I don’t have the Etsy shop on yet as I’m still focusing on the website shop that I actually need to update.

I plan to be more active on this blog in the future. Let’s see if I keep my word! ;)

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